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Pedigree Data Bases

Most breeders as well as first-time dog owners often need to know about dog ancestry. All that information is available in online pedigree data bases.

GSD WinSIS-X Database - more than 275 000 GSD's with facts about them that are not on other databases

GSD Pedigree Search - one of the best on-line pedigree database

GSD Online - more than 160 000 German shepherd pedigrees

Czech GSDs - more than 60 000 German shepherd pedigrees (mostly from Czech Republic)

Rhosyn German Shepherds - Australian data base with more than 50 000 German shepherd pedigrees

Finnish GSDs - Finnish data base

Frankenhaus Pedigree Generator - more than 15 000 pedigrees

German Shepherd Dog Breed Betterment Registry - data base with advanced search - working line GSD database - Italian database

VDH - Dutch database

Databaza SUCHNO - Slovak database

Grumpa's Shepherds - more than 2500 pedigrees (USA, Canada, Mexico)

German Shepherd Dog Pedigrees - small data base (not updated)


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