German Shepherd World


Duitse Herders - Dutch portal on German shepherds

Pastore Tedesco - The best Italian portal with news from German shepherd world

El Pastor Aleman - Spanish portal with detailed articles on breeding and care of German shepherds

Ovejero Aleman - The site with information on breeders and German shepherd dogs in Argentina

Pastor Alemao - Shows and Breeding of German shepherds in Brazil

Working Dogs - The articles and recommendations for working dog owners

German Shepherd Training - What you should know about German shepherds

German Shepherd Dog Reviewed - German shepherds in USA (a lot of links and other information)

Reivision - German shepherd video

URMA - The best pictures of German shepherds

Leerburg Video & Kennel - over 5000 pages of information on care, breeding and training of German shepherds - Articles, names, kennels and clubs in USA - Polish portal on German shepherds

German Shepherd Dogs FAQ

German Shepherd Dog in Herding - German shepherd as a herding dog

Real GSD - All about German shepherds

Pet ID - PetWorld Global Registration Community

CCK9 German Shepherds - Command Control K9 offers trained personal protection dogs for sale. Imported German Shepherds, Dutch Shepherds, Belgian Malinois trained dogs for law enforcement, family and personal protection security dog services.

Hektor Haus German Shepherd Lovers - German Shepherd News website

Cbd Oil For Dog - 5 Ways It Helps

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