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       Training Equipment

Training Equipment

Bende (Hungary) - arms, pants, vests, bite suit, tugs, muzzles, leashes, collars, harnesses, gifts (USA) - sleeves, covers, protection clothes, sticks, whips, tugs (USA) - collars, leashes, lines, tugs, schutzhund equipment, kennel accessories (USA) - everything for professional dog training: collars, leashes, muzzles, sleeves, harnesses, schutzhund equipment, kennel accessories

Frabo (Germany) - sleeves, protection clothes, harnesses, chains and hooks, leashes, collars, muzzles

Gappay - HT Hundesport (Germany) - one of the best schutzhund and training equipment maker

Hundesportartikel KOCH (Germany) - collars, leashes, tugs, hair accessories

Petmar Sporthund (Germany) - collars, leashes, training clothing, protection items, books, video

Schweikert (Germany) - fine quality equipment for dog sports and dog accessories (Germany) - protection clothes, dog sports articles

SV-Shop (Germany) - the shop of SV - a wide range of dog products

Unique Distributors (USA) - dog training collars

WT-Metall (Germany) - schutzhund accessories

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